CSA Newsletter: Speaking Swine

We have pigs this year for the first time.  I knew very little about them before we started raising them, except what we had read in books or seen on You Tube.  So we have really enjoyed getting to know this new species.  Most of all, I have learned the origin of many of our “swine” sayings.

Pig Sty.  I now have a whole new image of what my mother used to derisively call my bedroom.  A pig sty is not just messy.  It is destroyed.  Pigs love to root around with their curious snouts and they consequently turn over water troughs, dig holes, and basically make a battleground out of their living space.  Hence the term.

Wallow.  I used to think wallow meant to wade, to sulk, to pout.  Nope.  When pigs wallow, they are knee deep in mud.  They don’t wade; they roll and steep in the muck.  Never again will I wallow in grief…its unsightly.

Pig Pile.  Yes, they actually do; under a tree, in their wallow, at the feed trough, anywhere they have a mind to.  They just flop on top of each other with no regard for position or comfort.

They are getting big now and will soon be on our plate and in our freezer, but I have enjoyed their big, clumsy, curious selves immensely.

Click here for this week’s CSA Newsletter:  CSA Newsletter – August 20

3 thoughts on “CSA Newsletter: Speaking Swine

  1. I saw the pig sty and was amazed at the rooting noise they made while having fun in the water trough and in the mud. Watch your fingers when feeding these hungry animals that eat “like pigs.” Grams

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