Last CSA Delivery

It is with mixed feelings that we end the 2013 growing season.  On one hand, I am relieved that the hard labor of the season is nearly over, and we are sliding into the cold months when there are far fewer chores to be done.

On the other hand, it is difficult to say goodbye to all the plants that we have tended this year.  We raised all of our plants from seed, some starting as early as February.  And some plants are still producing food, but we need to clear the ground before the rains start in earnest.  So they too must go on the compost heap.  I know it sounds silly, but after working so hard to help these plants thrive and spending so many hours with them, it is hard to rip them out of the ground.

And so too, we say goodbye to our wonderful family of CSA members.  Thank you for your support this year, thank you for choosing to eat local, and enjoy the rest of the year.  I know we will.

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One thought on “Last CSA Delivery

  1. Hello, Since I,James,don’t have a checking account the check was sent on my father’s,Herman’s,account. The butcher contacted me and we discussed the cut of the meat and I explained that I have no transportation. The person I spoke with agreed that since I live in the mobile park directly across the street from the Lakeway Fred Myer Market that delivery could be arranged. I have heard nothing since. I realize it is not your responsibility but I would appreciate that you call them with a reminder that they have my lamb. I don’t have their telephone number. I wish you only the best. James Ackley


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