Meet Your Farmer Video

Who ever heard of a farmer-celebrity?  If anyone can make farming cool, it’s Sustainable Connections.

Last summer, I received a call from Sustainable Connections that they wanted to make a video about local farmers.  They asked if they could come out to the farm and shoot some video…at 4am…tomorrow…which was CSA day.  Naturally, I said yes.

It turns out that they shot sunrise footage nearby, and didn’t actually show up until 6:00.  We greeted them in our usual Wednesday wear, without showering or breakfast.  They were from Hand Crank Films, a local production company, and were really great.  They followed the boys and I around for a couple of hours, shooting us feeding the pigs, climbing into the broiler pens, and beginning the harvest.  Let me tell you, nothing will make you feel more self-conscious than being followed around by three young mustachioed men while you tromp through manure, carrying 50 pound buckets of feed and water.  Farming is such a solitary job, it was quite surreal to have witnesses.

Well, here is the video that they produced!  It features yours truly, as well as some other great farmers from Whatcom County.








2 thoughts on “Meet Your Farmer Video

  1. I’ve been following your blog for awhile, because my husband and I hope to do a CSA someday on the farm we purchased 2 years ago. I watched the video and was totally surprised to see that the sunrise footage they were shooting was of our Gothic barn, and was used as the last image in the video.

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